If all articles pass the municipal portion of the tax rate will rise from $6.32 in 2017 to $6.74 in 2018, or a 6.6% increase. The WWTP bond is not included in the 2018 $6.74 rate, as the bond is not anticipated to hit the tax rate until 2019. However, the bond if approved will add another $.19 to the muni tax rate bringing it up to $6.94 or an 9.8% increase as a result of Warrant Articles approved in March of 2018. Seven proposed articles are funded from the UFB (Unassigned Fund Balance aka accumulated surplus), which would result in a $540,000 withdrawal. Had the UFB not been used in these articles the impact, including the WWTP bond, would result in a muni tax rate of $7.10 or a 12.3% increase.

Town of Hampton 2018 Warrant is current as of 3/8/2018

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Warrant Article Created By: Town Clerk

Rational Taxpayer's policy is to take no position on uncompetitive seats. No position is also taken when no difference of compelling distinction has been determined among the candidates for a given office.

To choose by non-partisan ballot:


Two (2) Members of the Board of Selectmen for a term of three (3) years;

  • Brendan McNamara 487 Ocean Blvd 918-1084
  • Bryan Provencal 12 Fuller Acres 944-6095
  • James Waddell 190 Kings Hwy #A-8 918-3521
  • Recommended Mary-Louise Woolsey 148 Little River Road 926-3544

    Mary-Louise has served the community for many years, is an experienced Selectman, she will challenge “special interests” and will not be deterred.

  • Recommended Timothy “Citizen” Jones 16 Duston Ave 929-7097

    We strongly support Jones for Selectman. On the Budget Committee for 5 years he steadfastly represented the taxpayer’s interests at all times. New blood is needed on the Board of Selectmen.

One (1) Moderator for a term of two (2) years;

  • Robert A. Casassa 10 Burgundy Drive 926-3185

One (1) Supervisor of the Check List for a term of six (6) years;

One (1) Tax Collector for a term of three (3) years;

  • Donna Bennett 262A Towle Farm Road 929-1827


Two (2) Trustee of the Trust Funds for a term of three (3) years;

  • Warren J. Mackensen 31 Forest Drive 926-2823
  • Nancy Andrew 283 Winnacunnet Road 770-8419
  • John C. Bletzer 57 Gale Road 247-4991

Two (2) Trustees of the Lane Memorial Library for a term of three (3) years;

  • Jayashree Athuluri 6B Summerwood Drive 508-333-1383
  • Elizabeth S. Keroack 53 Gale Road 601-7628

Two (2) Members of the Planning Board for a term of three (3) years;

  • Tracy Emerick 207 North Shore Road 926-8316
  • Mark J. Olson 75 Mill Road 929-4628


One (1) Cemetery Trustee for a term of three (3) years;

  • Mary Blackwell 23 Cusack Road #21 601-7465
  • Ute Pineo 15 Tuttle Ave 926-0126


Two (2) Members of the Municipal Budget Committee for a term of three (3) years;

  • Recommended Brian Warburton 24 Sanborn Rd 918-1757
  • Sunny Kravitz 8 St. Cyr Drive 926-0405
  • Recommended Michael Plouffe 157 Little River Road 926-3793


  • Norma Collins 6 James St 926-6487
  • Bill O’Brien 6 12th Street 926-0110 or 203-6160

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# Benjamin Franklin Sunday, January 14, 2018 8:00 AM
Citizens have until Feb 2, 2018 5pm at the Town Clerk's office, to have their name placed on the ballot as a candidate for the various open positions.

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