If all articles pass the municipal portion of the tax rate will rise from $6.32 in 2017 to $6.74 in 2018, or a 6.6% increase. The WWTP bond is not included in the 2018 $6.74 rate, as the bond is not anticipated to hit the tax rate until 2019. However, the bond if approved will add another $.19 to the muni tax rate bringing it up to $6.94 or an 9.8% increase as a result of Warrant Articles approved in March of 2018. Seven proposed articles are funded from the UFB (Unassigned Fund Balance aka accumulated surplus), which would result in a $540,000 withdrawal. Had the UFB not been used in these articles the impact, including the WWTP bond, would result in a muni tax rate of $7.10 or a 12.3% increase.

Town of Hampton 2018 Warrant is current as of 3/8/2018

 Article 08 - Budget $27,225,312  (1615 Views)  (1 Comments)

Warrant Article Created By: Selectmen

Results Votes in Favor Votes opposed Total Votes Required To Pass
1211 1345 50%
Rational Taxpayer's recommends voting No
$883,000 more than the default.

Shall the Town of Hampton vote to raise and appropriate as an operating budget, not including appropriations by special warrant articles and other appropriations voted separately, the amounts set forth on the budget posted with the warrant as amended by vote of the first session, for the purposes set forth therein, totaling $27,225,312. Should this article be defeated, the default budget shall be $26,842,312, which is the same as last year, with certain adjustments required by previous action of the Town of Hampton or by law; or the governing body may hold one special meeting, in accordance with RSA 40:13, X and XVI, to take up the issue of a revised operating budget only. (Majority vote required)

Recommended by the Board of Selectmen 5-0-0

Recommended by the Municipal Budget Committee 6-4-0

Fiscal Impact Note (Finance Dept.) The proposed operating budget figure of $27,225,312 is an increase of $388,335 more than the budget amount adopted in 2017 of $26,836,977. The net estimated 2018 tax impact of the proposed operating budget is $0.117 per $1,000 valuation (eleven point seven cents per thousand dollars of valuation). The default budget figure of $26,842,312 is an increase of $5,335 more than the budget amount adopted in 2017. The net estimated tax impact for the default budget is $0.002 per $1,000 valuation (two tenths of one cent per thousand dollars of valuation).

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# Grand Dragon Tuesday, March 6, 2018 10:25 PM
Until the Board of Selectmen learn on how to get down into the details on the budget sessions and really examine the line items,their histories and their justifications, the submitted budgets just are not real and would not hold up in the business world! They have "summer sessions", their meeting are shorter than any observed since channel 22 began broadcasting and they really do not work! Beats me why they even bother running for office . It must be an ego or power thing! You cannot fulfill the duties of the office by not knowing the details of any subject and they just don't do it. They delegate that to the Town manager and Department heads and it makes for a smooth and easy ride through the budget reviews and through the year in general on any subject.. The credibility of the submitted budgets are poor hence the majority of them get turned down. The unfortunate thing is that the default budgets rise as well and that truly is a subject for another day ! Vote NO on this article .We must remain consistent. They must be made to understand that prudence and frugality with public monies should be their watchword!

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