If all articles pass the municipal portion of the tax rate will rise from $6.32 in 2017 to $6.74 in 2018, or a 6.6% increase. The WWTP bond is not included in the 2018 $6.74 rate, as the bond is not anticipated to hit the tax rate until 2019. However, the bond if approved will add another $.19 to the muni tax rate bringing it up to $6.94 or an 9.8% increase as a result of Warrant Articles approved in March of 2018. Seven proposed articles are funded from the UFB (Unassigned Fund Balance aka accumulated surplus), which would result in a $540,000 withdrawal. Had the UFB not been used in these articles the impact, including the WWTP bond, would result in a muni tax rate of $7.10 or a 12.3% increase.

Town of Hampton 2018 Warrant is current as of 3/8/2018

 Article 15 - $300,000 to be added to the Road Improvement Capital Reserve Fund  (1863 Views)  (1 Comments)

Warrant Article Created By: Selectmen

Results Votes in Favor Votes opposed Total Votes Required To Pass
2118 437 50%
Rational Taxpayer's recommends voting Yes

Shall the Town of Hampton vote to raise and appropriate the sum of $300,000 to be added to the Road Improvement Capital Reserve Fund created under Article 16 of the 1998 Annual Town Meeting in accordance with the provisions of RSA 35 for the purpose of maintenance and/or reconstruction of streets? (Majority vote required)

Recommended by the Board of Selectmen 5-0-0

Recommended by the Municipal Budget Committee 9-0-0

Fiscal Impact Note (Finance Dept.) The estimated 2018 tax impact on $300,000 is $0.090 per $1,000 valuation (nine point zero cents per thousand dollars of valuation).


# Jerry Znoj Wednesday, March 7, 2018 9:52 AM
This is a go and a yes . It becomes your responsibility however to assure that when the Town withdraws from this fund, or tries to, that the value is real and necessary!! Recent observations make me raise my eyebrows as to how certain roads have been paved. The town DPW needs to publish a list of roads on their website and their ranking for the need to repave and keep it up to date! Transparency is important here and it is not currently present. For instance ,I have lived on Presidential circle for 39 years. The road has so many cracks you cannot count them all . the edge of the road in one area has broken away as it has been undercut. A significant pothole or two has been patched. Where are we on the list for a repave? Do we have to wait 100 years? This is just an example .Many people on other town roads feel the same way .We need to see the list of all the roads and their ratings and see the plan on a yearly basis. What I hear is "well we can't pin it down like that because of contingencies"!!! I would hate to give you my frank opinion on that comment!! If the present road strategy is not corrected this annual 300k contribution to the road fund will not be voted on in the affirmative by me.

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