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Warrant Article Created By: Planning Board

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Are you in favor of the adoption of Amendment No.3 as proposed by the Planning Board for the Hampton Zoning Ordinance as follows?

Amend Article II - Districts. Wetland Conservation District Ordinance Section 2.3.7 Special Provisions C, G1 and G2 such that the calculation of the minimum lot area and lot area per dwelling unit for newly created lots and lots increasing the number of dwelling units, is based on 100% of the required minimum lot area and minimum lot area per dwelling unit in the underlying zoning district is located outside the Wetland Conservation District.

This Amendment also includes adding a footnote to Article IV - Dimensional Requirements, Section 4.1- "Minimum Lot Area" and Section 4.1.1- "Minimum Lot Area per Dwelling Unit" referencing Section 2.3.7 C, and adding a reference to Section 2.3.7 C under Article I - General, Section 1.6.Definition of "Lot Area" to reflect said change.

Recommended by the Planning Board


# Jerry Znoj Wednesday, February 6, 2019 7:30 AM
I agree with the Planing board . These articles and the above details are thoroughly discussed at their meetings and not taken lightly.

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