Article 17 - Fund for Personal Protective Equipment for Fire Fighters  (435 Views)  (1 Comments)

Warrant Article Created By: Selectmen

Results Votes in Favor Votes opposed Total Votes Required To Pass
2313 429 50%
Rational Taxpayer's recommends voting Yes

Shall the Town of Hampton vote to establish a Capital Reserve Fund in accordance with the provisions of RSA 35 for the purposes of purchasing Firefighters Turn Out Gear/Personal Protective Equipment for the Town of Hampton Fire Department and for that purpose to raise and appropriate the sum of $200,000 to establish such Capital Reserve Fund, with said sum of $200,000 to come from the Unassigned Fund Balance, and to appoint the Board of Selectmen as Agents to expend from said fund with such fund to be used only to replace Firefighter Turn Out Gear/Personal Protective Equipment? (Majority vote required)

Recommended by the Board of Selectmen 5-0-0

Recommended by the Municipal Budget Committee 8-0-0

Fiscal Impact Note (Finance Dept.) Zero Tax Impact.




# Jerry Znoj Tuesday, February 12, 2019 12:39 PM
Vote yes on this . I don't like idea of another Capital reserve fund being established as I feel that a properly worded warrant article would have passed as the public appreciates and understands the issue here .

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