Article 27 - $85,750 to replace water line that services the Public Works Department Office and Garage  (214 Views)  (1 Comments)

Warrant Article Created By: Selectmen

Results Votes in Favor Votes opposed Total Votes Required To Pass
2226 493 50%
Rational Taxpayer's recommends voting Yes

Shall the Town vote to raise and appropriate the sum of $85,750 for the purpose of the replacement of the water line that services the Public Works Department Office and Garage. The replacement of the water line will serve to repair a wate r leak to the DPW garage and office building as well as complete the first phase of providing fire protection, will relocate the current service line away from the wastewater treatment plant facility, will repair the existing leak and the new line to be provided with this appropriation will be of sufficient size to provide hydrant service. Any future water line additions will be able to be looped to provide proper flows through the facility including additional hydrants for fire protection. This shall be a non-lapsing appropriation per RSA 32:7, VI and shall not lapse until the purchase and installation is completed or by March 3 1,2022, whichever is sooner? (Majority vote required)

Recommended by the Board of Selectmen 5-0-0

Recommended by the Municipal Budget Committee 8-0-0

Fiscal Impact Note (Finance Dept.) The estimated 2019 tax impact on $85,750 is $0.026 per $ 1,000 valuation (two point six cents per thousand dollars of valuation).



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# Jerry Znoj Tuesday, February 5, 2019 5:52 PM
Article is self explanatory we need to fire protect this department and safeguard our capital equipment while at the same time correcting the water leaks the department has been experiencing. larger diameter pipes will be installed to prepare for Hydrant service which is part of the plan . I support this article.
When fires break out you need hydrant service if you do not have it dire consequences can result.

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