Article 43 - Terminate Fund 21  (412 Views)  (1 Comments)

Warrant Article Created By: Selectmen

Results Votes in Favor Votes opposed Total Votes Required To Pass
1939 699 50%
Rational Taxpayer's recommends voting Yes

Shall the Town of Hampton vote to distribute to the general fund all remaining funds that are left in Fund 21 that was created through Article 41 of 1996 Annual Town Meeting for the improvement of Town owned infrastructure located in the Hampton Beach Precinct from 20% of the parking fees collected from Town parking lots by the Town under such authority was rescinded by Article 44 of the 2007 Annual Town Meeting and then to close such account, the remaining funds total $41,616.19 plus any additional interest earned thereon? (Majority vote required)

Recommended by the Board of Selectmen 5-0-0

Not Recommended by the Municipal Budget Committee 0-6-2

Fiscal Impact Note (Finance Dept.) Zero Tax Impact.



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# Jerry Znoj Friday, February 8, 2019 1:44 AM
Fund 21 was a fund for beach infrastructure as described in the warrant article and in this case lighting. Money was applied to priority streets and what remains is the residue of what was available to use. It sits there year after year as it is not enough to continue the effort. The recommendation of moving this money into the town unassigned fund balance is a good one as the money can be put to good use in another effort. There has been some discussion on additional efforts for beach lighting but no initiatives have surfaced. If and when that occurs the proposal will be studied .

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