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Warrant Article Created By: Selectmen

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Shall the Town of Hampton vote to establish, in accordance with RSA 673:1, II and 674:44-a, a Heritage Commission as proposed by the Planning Board.

As provided in RSA 674:44-b:

I. The Heritage Commission shall have advisory and review authority, specifically, as follows: (a). Survey and inventory all cultural resources. (b). Conduct research and publish findings, including reports to establish the legal basis for a district and preparation of historic district ordinances within the municipality prior to its adoption or amendment as provided in RSA 675:6. (c). Assist the Planning Board, as requested, in the development and review of those sections of the master plan which address cultural and historic resources. (d). Advise, upon request, local agencies, and other local boards in their review of requests on matters affecting or potentially affecting cultural and historic resources. (e). Coordinate activities with appropriate service organizations and nonprofit groups. (I). Publicize its activities. (g). Hire consultants and contractors as needed. (h). Receive gifts of money and property, both real and personal, in the name of the Town, subject to the approval of the Board of Selectmen, such gifts to be managed and controlled by the Commission for its proper purposes. (i). Hold meetings and hearings necessary to ca rry out its duties. II. Property. The Commission may acquire, in the name of the Town, subject to the approval of the Board of Selectmen, by gift, purchase, grant, bequest, devise, lease, or otherwise, a fee or lesser interest, development rights, covenant, or other contractual right, including conveyances with conditions, limitations, or reversions, as may be necessary to acquire, maintain, improve, protect, limit the future use of, or otherwise conserve and properly use the cultural resources of the Town, and shall manage and control the same; provided, however, that the Town or Commission shall not have the right to condemn property for these purposes.

As provided in RSA 673:4-a:

l. The Heritage Commission shall consist of 5 regular members and not more than 5 alternate members, all to be appointed by the Board of Selectmen, provided that: (a). All regular members and alternate members of the Heritage Commission shall be residents of the Town. (b). One regular member and one alternate member of the Heritage Commission shall each be members of the Board of Selectmen. (c). One regular member and one alternate member of the Heritage Commission shall each be members of the Planning Board.


The Heritage Commission shall elect a Chairman and Vice Chairman from among its regular members, and subsequently establish Rules of Procedure. The Chairman (or Vice Chairman in the absence of the Chairman) shall designate an alternate member to sit for a regular member in accordance with the membership requirements identified above.

Note: This Article follows the prior abolishment of the Town's Heritage Commission (Article 35 from the 2015 Annual Town Meeting), and is the result of renewed interest in efforts to enCOllrage the preservation of buildings and places of historic, architectural and community value within the Town of Hampton? (Majority vote required)

Recommended by the Planning Board 6-1-0

Recommended by the Board of Selectmen 4-0-1



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# Jerry Znoj Saturday, February 9, 2019 7:02 AM
Sounds good and wide in scope with a very definitive mission but I question as to why the effort is not handled by the Historical Society as they have the membership and leadership to make this work. The original Historical commission met infrequently and had very limited and short agendas. The idea is good but the time in man hours to execute what is stipulated in the above warrant to me is overwhelming.
It's your call however.

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