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Entries for November 2018

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Tax on average single family home is now virtually $7,000
By Norm Silberdick @ 7:56 AM :: 568 Views :: 0 Comments :: Letters to the Editor

This graph reflects spending based on the articles that actually passed in March 2018. ... In just four years the average will have risen from under $6,000 ($5,989) to almost $7,000 ($6,944).

Monday, November 5, 2018

Tax Rate
By Norm Silberdick @ 9:07 AM :: 599 Views :: 0 Comments :: Letters to the Editor

The most recent information indicating that the tax rate may increase by 4% is truly a shocking event to Hampton Taxpayers. In our numerous articles to the Hampton Union and our presentations at the Board of Selectmen we constantly mention the need to look out for the interests of the taxpayers when the Town goes on spending sprees. Some of the items impacting our taxes are necessary some are not.