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Thursday, March 5, 2015
Mr. Welch is pulling a 'Bryan Williams act here'
By Norm Silberdick @ 8:23 AM :: 6702 Views :: 1 Comments :: Letters to the Editor

At the March 2, Board of Selectmen’s meeting Town Manager Welch made numerous references to the millions that he slashed from the original budget proposals as well as the additional cuts made by the Selectmen. All this hyperbole to justify the outrageous overspending created by the Board of Selectmen. We have compiled these remarks in a Video which we encourage the voters to see.

Frankly it is all malarkey, Mr. Welch you are really pulling a Bryan Williams act here. The video speaks for itself. If there ever was a reason for the voters of Hampton to get out and vote, Mr. Welch makes the case.

(1) Source: Finance Dept, 10/16/2014 (2) Source: Finance Dept, 1/13/2015
Budget Request Totals: Amount Adjustment
Department Heads(1) 28,159,735
Town Manager(1) 27,449,882 -709,853
Board of Selectmen(1) 27,515,033 +65,151
Budget Committee(2) 26,379,040 -1,135,993
Deliberative Session*** 27,151,600 +772,560

*** "In Hampton, those in attendance - the majority of whom were current and former town employees and residents who serve on town committees - added back $772,260 to the town's proposed operating budget by secret ballot vote."

Source: Hampton Union Feb 13, 2015



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