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Sunday, February 28, 2016
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By Benjamin Franklin @ 8:55 AM :: 2938 Views :: 1 Comments :: Letters to the Editor

Mr. Silberdick ,

My name is Kevin A. Lonergan and I am running for a seat on the SAU 90 School Board. I have never met you, talked to you or in other way communicated with you. I would like to to know where you get the unmitigated chutzpah to write that I don't " stand out as being sensitive to taxpayers".

Just for your information, nobody in the town of Hampton hates paying taxes more than I. I struggle just to keep my family in Hampton as I am a totally disabled combat veteran of the wars in Vietnam and Cambodia. I live on a meager disability payment from the VA. due to my wounds and injuries suffered in the wars. Did you have any service in your lifetime?

If you insist on writing something totally unethical about a person you should at a minimum get your facts straight. Is that to much to ask?

Kevin A. Lonergan

comment By Norm Silberdick @ Friday, March 4, 2016 1:13 PM
Mr. Lonergan, your letter to the editor was forwarded to me for comment. I instructed our web site administrator to publish the letter as is. We appreciate your comments. Our voter guide Yellow Sheet did not recommend any candidates and did not address any personal opinions on those running for office. It is incumbent on candidates to make their views known in public in order to be able to determine support or not and to our knowledge no such effort was made by you. If your philosophies regarding the school and its future were compelling we would have recommended your candidacy. The other two candidates are known to us from their past actions and deeds and we felt that the school system would not advance.

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